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Java EEG analyser

This program reads and displays electro-encephalogram (EEG) data produced by the device manufactured by Electrical Geodesics Inc. It interactively analysis the dimension of the data and finds convincing linear generators for the EEG data. Thanks to Thomas Gruber at Liverpool University for the data and the idea.

The latest release, containing all the source code (protected by the GNU General Public License), example files and this html documentation can be downloaded from sourceforge/projects/jeeg You can use the source code to adapt this program to work with any other device with a different file format, as well as overcome the limited user interface.

This program is written in Java 2, so you will need to download and install a copy of the java compiler, version 1.2 or higher, from to make it work.

This application has been used only for demonstration purposes so far. If you need any changes made to it to make it more useful, let me know. I am trying to show that there are better alternatives to MatLab that are non-proprietary and allow better interaction with the data.


jeeg in action.

Julian Todd 11/11/2001.